Monday, February 12, 2007


What's the role or mission or job of government? I've been pondering this question and can't frame an answer with which I'm satisfied. I began doing some reading and encountered the following survey results in the document By, or for, the People?.

American confidence in
  • The military - 83%
  • The federal government - 32%
  • Your state government - 29%
  • Your local government - 33%
  • The Congress - 24%
Perceptions of representing the public interest
  • Government generally pursues its own agenda. - 67%
  • Government generally pursues the people’s agenda. - 25%
  • I feel distant and disconnected from government. - 64%
  • I feel close and connected to government. - 30%
  • Government serves the special interests. - 63%
  • Government serves the public interest. - 25%
  • Government policies generally do not reflect my values. - 53%
  • Government policies generally reflect my values. - 35%
It appears most of us are unhappy with Congress and the U.S. government.

Hmm? Happy or unhappy, do I have a right to vote if I can't answer this question to my satisfaction? What is the mission of the government?


Blogger Buffalo said...

To defend the country from attack from without.

Establish diplomatic relationships with other countries to help insure peace and facilitate trade.

Establish regulations to allow citizens to co-exist in relative peace.

(The "biggies" - more or less off the top of my head.)

2/14/2007 03:38:00 PM  

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