Monday, February 05, 2007

Weekend in Pictures

Enlarged Bird
On Saturday, as we hiked to Devil's Bridge, we heard voices of two men shouting to one another. (Larger version)

Enlarged Bird
We spotted one climber immediately but it took a moment or two to locate his partner. I expected him to be below the first climber but he was off to the left. (Larger version)

Enlarged Bird
From the top of the bridge it was difficult to get a perspective to show the height and width of the bridge. (Larger version)

Enlarged Bird
To celebrate Julie's birthday, we ate at the Javelina Cantina, had ice cream from Coldstone Creamery, hiked to Devil's Bridge and took this photo. It's not a good photo because we were in the shade but I wanted a photo of us on top of the bridge to remember Julie's day. (Larger version)

Enlarged Bird
As we returned, we found the first climber several feet above the ledge on which we first saw him. (Larger version)

Enlarged Bird
On Sunday morning, we ere visited by the regular flock of about 100 pinyon jays. (Larger version)

Enlarged Bird
Sunday afternoon we took a 3 mile walk. About a mile from the house, where this photo was taken, we discovered an area littered with pottery shards. A brief search located Anasazi ruins that we had never discovered before. (Larger version)


Blogger Buffalo said...

Enjoyed the pictures. Enjoy hearing about you and Julie's life and adventures. That there are people like the two of you is a shinin' thing.

2/05/2007 11:22:00 PM  
Blogger Anvilcloud said...

it's nice to see the red rock and the other pictures. BTW someone told me that it is most eften a good idea to turn on the flash for outside "portraits." Sometimes I remember.

2/06/2007 07:13:00 AM  

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