Sunday, January 28, 2007

Dreaming, Planning and Action

I feel like an impoverished kid in a candy shop. Life holds too many attractions, too many delights, too many temptations.

I’m lead on an integration project at work that I find challenging.

I’ve read the manual to my camera twice, tried every feature and read books on nature photography and digital photography. I have a copy of The Gimp and Photoshop and want to learn to edit photos. I have 29 folders stretching back six months containing 402 photos awaiting a final decision about which ones to post to our photo gallery.

In hopes of doing more than a mediocre job of recording our 100 miles hike this summer, I’ve been reading Nature Writing Handbook -- A Creative Guide and American Nature Writing 1996 For examples from some of the giants, I’ve read Aldo Leopold’s A Sand County Almanac and Edward Abbey’s Desert Solitaire.

The master gardener program begins in three weeks and the men’s group resumes in three weeks. The weather has improved some and by March I want to break ground on the greenhouse.

Blogging? Today, I wrote a post on Freedom’s Place called The Gift. I’ve commented only about a half-dozen times in the last six weeks and written sporadically. That’s frustrating! I enjoy it but I write so slowly. Each of my posts, present post excluded, takes an hour and a half.

Enough sitting and reading, planning and dreaming! I’m ready for action. In a few minutes, Julie and I are going to Sedona for lunch and a hike – hopefully, a long and strenuous hike. I need to move and breathe deeply and feel muscles complain!


Blogger Buffalo said...

You are to be envied, or better yet, emulated.

Bet you never realized how much fun ripening on the vine of life could be. (I'm need to come up with a new line. I'm over-using this one.)

1/28/2007 10:11:00 AM  
Blogger Anvilcloud said...

That's one thing we had sort of planned on but missed -- hiking in Sedona. The Pink Jeep was wild though.

1/28/2007 05:04:00 PM  
Blogger Whitesnake said...

why so slowly? do you check the spelling, the grammar, the fact that what your are writing makes sense, are you spending time making sure everything is 110% perfect.
If so....
Your song is on my blog, so if you wanna know what i think of you then ya better get ya candy ass over there as there are ony 5 days left before I delete all the dedications.

1/28/2007 10:06:00 PM  
Blogger Kindness said...

sedona... how nice... i love hiking there.

1/30/2007 10:15:00 AM  

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