Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Wanting to Do Better

“You need to let me edit your posts.” Julie is right. I read what I think I wrote and she sees what I actually wrote – “typo, typo, subject and verb agreement, spelling, . . . “. She makes her point like a high school English teach with a red pen.

Julie identifies only the tip of the problem. Sometimes I have the desire to rewrite an old blog entry and do more than correct the obvious spelling and grammatical errors. I want to take the mediocre and turn it into something alive and beautiful.

Paul of Random Thoughts asks the question “So why do we seem to have a mandate to create?” I began to think and posed for myself the question “why do we seem to have a mandate to recreate – to improve, to excel, to make the good better”? (Perhaps creation and recreation are indistinguishable and we have one question.)

I could pledge myself to better creations but Paul rocks that boat. In an earlier post, “The basis of toughness”, Paul addresses diversity: “Diversity makes communities tough and resilient, and more productive. Don’t forget, communities come in all sizes. They exist in molecules, soil, plants and people.”

Thought provoking! Am I a community? To be tough and survive I need diversity in my life – time for physical exercise, time to sit and just be and do nothing, time to learn new skills, time to interact with others and with nature, time for a multitude of things. There’s part of the problem of mediocrity – not enough time.

Our society pressures us to specialize – choose a major and a career. Others may see me as a “software developer” but I see myself as a carpenter, an electrician, a farmer, a mechanic, a researcher in sustainability, a sociologist and psychologist studying marriage and relationships. I see myself as a community of skills and interests.

If I expend my limited time and effort on so many subjects then I have time to create mediocre articles but I don’t have time to recreate them as something better. I'm pulled in two directions. I'm a jack of all trades and a master of none. One possible solution is to join a larger community but, unfortunately, utopias don't exists.

Sorry, this is as good as it gets for now.

Tonight, Julie will point out my typos and I appreciate that. I’m part of a community of two that makes for mediocre writing but a wonderful life.


Blogger Buffalo said...

In many cases "better" is very subjective. We can loose the beauty when we try to make it better.

The person that is their job has a very narrow, and probably lonely, existence.

10/04/2006 04:10:00 PM  
Blogger Alex Pendragon said...

Best one appreciate a beach rather than worry himself about the perfection of one grain of sand.

10/04/2006 06:22:00 PM  

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