Thursday, October 26, 2006

Happy Post II

To balance What Do You Think? Part II, here's today's happy post.

We closed the door.

“We are men. Hear us whisper.”

The men’s group met last night. Yes, we made sure the door was closed. We talked honestly. Had some radical women’s groups heard the questions that we were asking, we would have been drawn, quartered, boiled in oil and, after these games, a few really bad things would have been done to us.

The leader has expressed the desire to have our group meet with a similar women’s group. I’d enjoy that!

One member brought in a photo containing an urban legend. The photo showed a police car with a decal on the passenger side: “We’ll kick your ass and take your doughnuts too”. ((

As we discussed the photo, we all agreed that it was some man who made the decal or, if it’s just a legend, it was some man who started the rumor.

Interesting! We assumed a man was guilty. We don’t need women. We can bash ourselves.


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