Thursday, October 26, 2006

What Do You Think? - Part II

The tour of Taos Pueblo in New Mexico was being led by a sharp, intelligent and pleasant young Native American who was enrolled in a political science program and was home for the summer. He planned on finishing a degree and returning to work with his tribe. The discussion was centered on cultural differences between Native Americans and other groups.

“Considering all that has been done to Native Americans, do you trust white people?” I asked.

“Do you trust congress?” he replied. It was a brilliant response that communicated with clarity and grace!

The major problem in the U.S.A. is a lack of leaders who believe in democracy and are persons of integrity.

It’s a sad fact. Our government leaders have destroyed our respect and trust.

Being president, senator, representative, or member of the cabinet is a sacred responsibility. The persons in these positions should live so as to be beyond question. They should be trustworthy.

The reality is that we do not expect politicians to honor their campaign promises. We know they accept “gifts” from lobbyists and corporations. We are no longer shocked and outraged by incidents such as the Foley scandal. Groups such as “The League of Pissed Off Voters” should not exist but they do exist because politicians have repeatedly violated our trust.

I’ll not vote for candidates who talk vaguely about terrorism, security, morality, jobs and education. I want honesty rather than political marketing slogans.

I’ll vote for a candidate who favors raising taxes. He’s being honest. I respect that even if I may not agree.

I’ll vote for a candidate who favors eliminating social security. She is being honest and is showing integrity and I value that and am willing to risk losing my benefits.

I’ll vote not for the candidate with whom I agree but for the candidate whom I respect.

Enough lies! Give us truth and integrity.

(Tomorrow: part 3 of my reponse – later today: happy post two)


Blogger Buffalo said...

I guess I am sort of like Charlie Brown. I know that bitch, Lucy, is going to move the football and I will land on my ass. But I keep hoping that once, just one time, she means what she says.

But it never happens, does it?

10/26/2006 10:00:00 AM  

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