Thursday, December 15, 2005

An Apology

I have three posts on my other blog -- Grid Free. I'm using software that is new to me. Comment moderation is turned on which means comments are not visible until I approve them. This is not what I intended. I'm going to turn off comment moderation and trust people to post appropriate comments.

Also, I discovered I had a typo in my email address so I wasn't receiving emails to approve comments. I've corrected this and approved seven comments.

I sorry if you posted a comment and thought I was ignoring you. Tonight I'll respond to comments.

I plan on posting daily to the other blog beginning today.

Thanks for your comments. I hope you continue to read and reply as we search for a sustainable lifestye.


Blogger Matthew May said...

I accidentally turned off comment moderation..none of the comments were showing, glad I was able to turn it off. Who has time to approve or disaprove every single comment lol

12/15/2005 04:35:00 PM  
Blogger Darlene said...

Maintaining our sites is constant work, isn't it? I think we've all had problems in one way or another, so I'm sure you'll be forgiven. By the way, speaking of typos, you wrote: "I sorry if..." Should be "I'm sorry..." Sorry, but I had to point it out, for the fun of it. Believe me, I do stuff like that too, and I do proofreading as a living. Thing is, our minds are working so fast, our fingers can't keep up with them! ^--^

12/15/2005 07:53:00 PM  
Blogger George Breed said...

Paul, Your website Grid Free is off to a good start. Thank you for your lifestyle and your willingness to share information. You (as are we all) are living a life we all can learn from. That is a blessing of being unique individuals.

12/16/2005 02:20:00 AM  

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