Wednesday, September 07, 2005

Happiness is a Choice That Can Become a Habit

Hey! Stop it. Get a life.

I wonder why do so many blogs seem negative, introverted and miserable? Are people that unhappy or do unhappy people want to share their misery in a blog so all of us can join them in their unhappiness?

Is life that bad?

I find life to be a choice. I can choose to be happy or unhappy. I can choose to associate with optimistic people or depressing people.

Want to be happier?

Get out of your head! Stop focusing on yourself and look at the world around you. It's amazing, uplifting, healing, calming and invigorating.

Turn of the TV! Look for a two-way life where you give and take with people and animals and books and nature. When you choose experiences and people make sure they are healthy choices.

Focus on the person you want to be rather than the person you are at the moment. Sure, you may be sad but focus on being happy.

Be cautious with the news media! They do enjoy spreading bad news. Read the issues that you can do something about. Do you really need to know all the gory details of a murder? Can you do anything about it? Perhaps, what you need to know is the demographics of murders, the causes and potential solutions. You can do something with this imformation and though it's a depressing subject you're looking for solutions -- and that's positive!

Enough for now. Turn off your computer, go outside -- yes, even if it's raining -- and look for happiness!


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