Friday, June 26, 2009

June Twenty-first

I got up early on June 21, retrieved amera and tripod as quietly as possible and slipped out of the house to photograph the rising sun on its dedicated day, Sunday.

I've thought of photographing the rising sun on the twenty-first of each month to records it cycle from north to south and back to the north of Saddle Crater. Given a photo of the rising sun I can estimate the date by it location in relation to the hill. There's something that makes life good when knowing the cycle of the sunrise. I took several photos before letting my mind wander to other things to photograph.

Sunrise and moonrise on June 21 at about 4:30 AM. A sliver of a moon is over the horizon with the sun just below the horizon. (Larger version)

A few months ago I saw an old pickup in the distance and decided to photograph it some evening with the hills and clouds full of reds and oranges. The truck is located about three miles from the house. On a whim I decided to photograph it in the morning light. I drove close, climbed the fence and took a closer look. What I though was a full truck turned out to be only a stripped cab. No seat, no engine, nothing in the dash, neither steering column nor doors. Only a metal shell. I guess it's about a 1960 model. Who put it in its location? How long ago? Why? It's on National Forest land away from roads. The grass hasn't been disturbed in years. There were no signs anyone has been near the truck in a long time. The only signs I saw were left by cattle and elk.

Chevy pickup cab.
Chevy pickup cab. (Larger version)

I take a few thousand photos each year but there are very few of me. Lately I've begun to set the timer on the camera and photo myself. It's just idle curiosity to see myself change from year to year and to relive good days.

About 25 years ago I developed and printed black and white photos. I have a photo taken on the back of the farm behind my house. In the background is an old barn in front of a grove of trees. I'm leaning against a worn out 1968 Chevy pickup that I owned at the time. I had cut a load of wood and the bed was full. It was October with a deep blue Kentucky sky over fields of yellow and purple wild flowers. I was wearing jeans, boots, a dirty sleeveless tee shirt and a ragged beard. I looked every bit a typical redneck. I look at that black and white photo and see deep pure colors, feel the breeze, hear the birds, smell the dead walnut I cut and relive the euphoria of that day.

Years in the future I'll look at myself in this photo and see a young man who had a beautiful morning and felt so alive and grateful.

Self photo.
Self photo. (Larger version)


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Nice photos. You did a good job with the self portrait.

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