Thursday, February 21, 2008

The Reason

Do you wonder why I published the last two posts and why I tell things about myself that aren't flattering? There are multiple reasons. One is that I don't want to project a facade of always being happy, content and full of answers. I have few answers and much frustration at times.

Another reason is due to my basic belief that we learn from others and are encouraged by the experiences of others. This morning I received an email as confirmation of that belief. Here's an edited portion of the email.

I read your blog and began to wonder who you could be talking about. The thought ran through my head that it could possibly be (name). But after talking to (him/her) this morning, I am sure that it was.

I was miserable for years but I sure tried to not let it run into other peoples lives by complaining all the time. I just had to get myself to where I needed to be and enough was enough. I think about how life was all those years and some days I regret it took me this long. Other days I don't because I don't think I would be who I am right now.
I received other emails that express feelings like "I'm on cloud nine", "I can't imagine being anybody else than who I am." and "I don't mind that I'm 38 because I sure wouldn't want to be who I was 15 years ago."

I went through 25 years of hell. Looking back with the knowledge I have at this point, I realize how easy it would have been to have made other choices. But, life is about learning, growing, changing and adapting. My learning was slow and painful. I hope you learn from the experiences I share. Don't be the dumb ass I was -- and sometimes am.


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