Saturday, September 01, 2007

More on Recycled Glass

Last night Julie was reading the most recent issue of "The Week" magazine when, by coincidence, she encountered an article about crushed glass. A beach in Florida that has been eroding for years is now being replenished with crushed glass because it's less expensive than transporting sand. The glass is crushed so that it's like regular sand. One can walk on it bare footed.

Typical larger crushed glass.
Typical larger crushed glass. (Larger version)

On the last post, Mojoman commented about recycled glass being used in roads. Search the web and you'll find articles about glassphalt. Um! I didn't know that.

Typical smaller crushed glass.
Typical smaller crushed glass. (Larger version)

Laura asked if the crushed material could be used in place of sharp sand in mortar. I think it could if crushed fine enough and sifted. However, the material available locally is neither crushed fine nor sifted. Much of it is appropriate for use as a mulch.

Piled crushed glass before whole material and the crushing equipment.
Piled crushed glass before whole material and the crushing equipment. (Larger version)

I have never taken the time to count the quantities of various bottles and jars in the dumpster but it appears most of the glass is from alcohol bottles -- wine and beer. See the larger version of the photo below for a sampling of items.

In my opinion, recycling glass by crushing a small percentage of bottles and jars and producing new containers to be crushed at some future time is a losing proposition.

Material waiting to be crushed.
Material waiting to be crushed. (Larger version)


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We really are drowning in our refuse.

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