Saturday, July 14, 2007

Rockport - The End

Breakfast, a walk to the terminal, a train back to Boston, a shuttle to the airport and back to work on Monday morning. Our trip ends in Rockport, Massachusetts.

I'll confront the danger of sounding effeminate and say it, "Rockport is lovely and charming". We've spent 2 nights at the Seacrest Manor B&B and haven't had enough time to explore all the beaches, the coastline and the history. Yesterday we walked about 11 miles to visit a state park, to sample the Atlantic Trail and to enjoy an unfamiliar landscape.

Rockport Harbor
Rockport Harbor (Larger version)

When I was young, I was mystified and perhaps somewhat envious of families who took vacations. My family came from a background, time and culture where paying the bills and survival relegated vacations to an unnecessary luxury. During my first marriage, vacations were an opportunity for my wife to spend and me to create some way to pay the tab so I tended to avoid them. As a result, I often sit somewhere and think "I'm really here! It's hard to believe but I'm really here.".

Bicycling Around Rockport
Bicycling Around Rockport (Larger version)

Julie manages our finances and does a fine job. She finds the least expensive tickets, the most reasonable rates for rooms, packs lunches and does other things to make it possible for us to afford to travel.

Last night I asked her what has been the best part of our six weeks -- Colorado, Chaco Canyon, the Grand Canyon, Boston, Montreal or Rockport? She jokingly replied the experience in the emergency room and the helicopter flight. Somehow I expected that response but then she said her visit with her daughter and the hike through the Grand Canyon.

Seacrest Manor B&B
Seacrest Manor B&B (Larger version)

Since I started vacation at the end of May, two more people have quit work. I'll return to additional assignments, compressed deadlines and interesting challenges. Construction of our greenhouse is behind my initial schedule so that awaits also.

During our travels, I've read a volume of Wendell Berry's essays and begun a second volume. I have been intrigued by his perspectives. I feel energized, motivated and determined. It's time to get back to pondering life, making choices and attempting more serious writing.


Blogger Buffalo said...

MA is not my favorite state, beautiful though it is.

7/16/2007 09:02:00 AM  
Blogger Mysti said...

I absolutely love your blog and have enjoyed all of the wonderful images that you take the time to put up. Thanks for coming by, and I promise to be an avid reader. =)

7/25/2007 09:22:00 AM  

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