Wednesday, June 13, 2007


“My honey is getting old.”

Julie was looking at me today when she spoke those words but I don’t know about whom she was speaking.

She couldn’t have been talking about me. I’m not old. I have plenty of energy. I’m a morning person. When it gets after 3 or 4 PM, I’m ready to get lazy. My motivation and creativity die a quick death to be resurrected the next morning.

I have about two hours work to complete tomorrow morning before we leave on a trip to Albuquerque to meet family, northwestern New Mexico to visit remote hot springs, southwestern Colorado around Ouray to hike and Chaco Canyon in New Mexico to explore Anasazi ruins on the return trip. I can get up at 4 AM and be ready to go by 6. Besides, I like the excitement of the last minute rush.

I wonder who she had in mind.


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