Thursday, June 14, 2007


We’re in Albuquerque sitting under shade trees, enjoying the breeze and mild temperatures, drinking tea and feeling content and happy.

The day didn’t start as I planned. I went to the water station at 5 AM to get a tank of 250 gallons of water to hook to a drip irrigation system but the machine that accepts quarters was jammed. Insert 75 cents and get 50 gallons of water. Insert nothing and get nothing. Rather than lose flowers, I hooked the irrigation system to our main cistern and left the pump powered on. When we’re away, I generally power off the pump as a precaution.

The second task I left for this morning was an oil change. When I installed a new filter, it seemed to turn farther than normal before it seated firmly. I put oil in the engine, started it and checked the pressure gauge. No problems. I took a shower, got dressed and was ready to leave when I looked under the car and saw oil on the ground. I discovered the rubber gasket from the old filter had pulled loose from the filter and remained attached to engine. I changed into work clothes, removed the new filter and the old gasket, reinstalled the new filter, added oil to fill it and took another shower.

Deb and Chris, Julie’s sister and brother-in-law, just arrived. We’re going to have supper at Church Street Café in Old Town. Julie and I usually choose this café when near Old Town.

Later tonight, I’m going to write about the heart-stopping excitement of Julie’s first helicopter ride. There’s a pun in this sentence that will make sense when you read the story.

(Buff, you’ll understand why I got an ear-to-ear smile from your comment “I was beginning to wonder if you had taken a walk down that path that all must walk someday.”)


Blogger Buffalo said...

I'm going to assume, even knowing the inherent dangers of that, the end result will be on approved by all who care for you. If it isn't I'm going to be truly pissed.

6/15/2007 08:17:00 AM  

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