Wednesday, February 03, 2010


Last Friday Julie opened the utility room door and started a cat. It was wild and panicked. It was about the size and coloring of Lexi, a cat that was trapped on campus last winter. We turned Lexi loose late last summer but haven't seen her in months. It looked similar to Lexi but Julie wasn't certain.

Sunday morning, a noise, the sound of a cat, came from behind me. I was working around the wood pile splitting kindling and wood in preparation for another week of cold weather. I turned around and saw a black and white cat coming toward me. I knelt down and called the cat. He came up to me, purred and permitted me to pick him up. He was healthy, had a full belly and was well socialized. He hung around me as I worked for a couple hours. He climbed on the fence, rolled in the snow, got in my way and had an enjoyable time. On Monday morning as we prepared to leave for work he appeared again. I fed him.

Stray cat
A stray cat.

Then a third cat! On Monday evening the black and white cat met us as we got home. I fed him and set about loading the wood stove. I looked out a sun room window and saw him sitting, staring at something in the low light. It was a large red cat that looked healthy and strong. I wondered if it was wild so I went outside. It was gone as soon as it heard the door open.

In the five and one-half years that we've lived at our current location we've never seen stray cats. Occasionally a pack of dogs will come by and do some damage trying to get at a rabbit or pack rat hidden behind or under something. But never a cat.

On Tuesday morning Julie asked if I had seen BW. It took me a second or two before I realized she had named the black and white cat.

I fed BW this morning before leaving for work. He's found the cat door that Maggie and Macy use but he doesn't know how to use it. He'll sniff around it but hasn't pushed on it.

It will be interesting to see how long it will take before he walks into the sun room unannounced, uninvited.


Blogger Alex Pendragon said...

Isn't is kinda obvious that BW already belonged to someone, and might be enlarging his territory? Check with your neighbors before you get accused of cat-naping.

2/03/2010 02:30:00 PM  
Blogger jules said...

Him's a no-tail! Well, maybe a sorta-tail. He's very handsome. As you don't have close neighbors, do you think he's a drop off?

2/04/2010 02:00:00 PM  
Blogger Paul said...

The cat has a normal length tail but the photo makes him appear to be bob-tailed. We've seen him every day for the last five days. Yesterday we posted a sign by the mail boxes with our phone number. If no one calls and he spends most of his time around the house then I'll assume he has a new home. I doubt he's a drop off since there are no streams or rivers close and we're too remote for most people to drive the distance.

I used to live by a river in Kentucky. In the 10 years we lived there we had lots of dogs dropped. Some were as young as 6 weeks. There was no female, just the pups that couldn't possible survive on their own.

One was old and dying from cancer. He was weak, suffering, couldn't keep food down and covered with lumps. That's the only dog I've ever shot. I've always felt some anger toward the person who dropped him to let him suffer and die slowly and alone.

2/04/2010 04:11:00 PM  

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