Friday, October 19, 2007


Olé is a Spanish word used to express approval. Tonight I'm shouting "Olé!"

I have two sisters -- one two years younger and one eight years younger. Last spring at my mother's funeral, the six of us (siblings and spouses) decided to plan a trip to Ireland next June but it appears we'll see one another before then. Thursday evening I learned one of my nieces is getting married in a small town near Cuernavaca, Mexico on December 29. This morning Julie bought tickets to Mexico City.

In a post a few days ago I spoke about seeing my son and that we discussed Christmas. Julie suggested he meet us in Mexico. I doubt that will happen so I'm brainstorming other ideas.

Cuernavaca is about an hour and a half from Mexico City and the town where the wedding will be held is about 30 minutes from Cuernavaca. We going to fly south on December 20 and return on December 31. Initial thoughts are a couple days in Mexico City, a few days in Cuernavaca and a few days exploring the country side.

I had never heard of Cuernavaca before last night. A web search turned up these references:
  • Cuernavaca is a charming colonial city. It's year-round temperate climate makes it known locally as the 'land of the eternal spring'.

  • Cuernavaca is known these days as much for its rejuvenating spas and spiritual sites as it is for its perfect climate and flowering landscapes."

  • Cuernavaca is appreciated for its historical richness, striking scenery, vibrant life, and delightful climate. Surrounded by undulating hills and cut by narrow, cobbled streets, Cuernavaca is a quaint colonial remnant.
Julie and I put together a "to-do" list a few years ago. One item on the list was "Spend an Entire Winter in Mexico". Everyone with whom I've spoken concerning their experiences living in a small town in Mexico has talked about the graciousness of the people, the safety of the communities and their wonderful experiences. This trip will give us an opportunity to begin thinking more about that goal.

In 1967 I enrolled in a Latin American History class. I needed a history class for an undergraduate degree and, as I looked through the catalog, it dawned on me that I knew nothing about the history of Asia, Africa, and South America. High school classes had focused on the history of Europe and the United States. I never finished that class due to four years in the military but what I did learn caused me to want to know more.

This is going to be a fantastic trip.



Blogger Buffalo said...

You'll be in the Land of Eternal Spring. Here in Friendly Manitoba it will be 50 below.

I be only one of us can hardly wait.

10/19/2007 10:13:00 PM  
Blogger Mysti said...

I'm under 5' tall.. I won't take up much luggage space. {grin} All I have to say is, lots and lots of pictures!

10/25/2007 04:28:00 AM  

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